Window Upgrades: How Infinity Windows Can Help You!

By: Architectural Visions

Windows are easy to take for granted. After all, they are always there, a part of your house that gets little consideration. However, if you were to stop and make a list of the ways windows affect your life, you may discover that window replacement can help you in a number of ways.

Windows can help you stay healthy.

Do all the windows in your house open? Having a fresh exchange of air can improve air quality, reducing indoor allergens such as mold. Sunlight is associated with mood for many. Having bright, clean, clear windows let’s the sun shine in beautifully. Especially in the darker months of the year, for those whose mood is affected by the seasons, daylight is essential. Older windows may be hard to clean, as opposed to newer, more modern materials. Above them all, Infinity Windows, made with Ultrex fiberglass, features a tough acrylic finish which can be easily wiped clean to prevent the accumulation of dust and molds.

Windows can cost or save you money.

Windows can be an energy drain on your home, adding to both heating and cooling costs. High performance windows, such as Infinity from Marvin, are a US Environmental Protection Agency-recommended strategy for reducing energy usage. Infinity windows are ENERGY STAR rated, assuring windows that have been independently rated as energy efficient. In addition, according to a cost/value analysis by Remodeler Magazine, a substantial amount of the cost of installing new windows can be recovered when you sell your home. New windows can have a transforming affect on the overall appearance as well, a perceived value that can help you ask more for your home.

Windows can keep your family safe.

If you have old double hung windows that no longer stay open without having to be propped, you know the danger dysfunctional windows pose to you and your family. Older windows can be more easily forced open, as opposed to Infinity windows, which are made from a fiberglass material that’s strong as steel.

Windows can save your life.

Are you able to open your windows? In the event of a fire or other emergency such as a furnace malfunction, being able to open your windows is vital. In addition, replacing your windows can help you upgrade to current egress codes – these are rules that govern the number of ways you can exit your home if your doors are blocked by fire.