Window Types To Create an Authentic Cottage Feel

By: Architectural Visions

The first thing that comes to mind in when speaking about cottage windows  styles are ones with charming details such as lattice patterned dividers or grilles. If you choose made-to-order Marvin Windows, that’s only the beginning of the details you can add to give your home an authentic cottage windows.

The actual definition of a cottage style window according to architects is a double hung window (the type with two sashes that slide up and down) where the lower pane is taller than the upper pane. The upper pain is often decorated with a divided lite pattern (grille). But with Marvin, virtually any lite pattern you can imagine can be added to your new windows, including diamonds and Prairie or Art and Crafts grilles.

Another type of window that adds charm is a French casement. These windows have two sashes that either swing inward or out, and Marvin can make them without a bar in the center, giving an unobstructed, beautiful view when open.

Regardless of window types, consider adding round tops to your windows to extend the views and build the architectural interest of your home.

One last tip: screens are modern necessities in most climates to keep out the insects. Marvin’s hi-transparency screens do the job beautifully, without stealing the charming look or your new cottage windows.

Photo Credit: Cottage By The Sea