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Best Windows For Your Home: 4 More Tips On How To Choose

Looking for the best windows for your home? Here are four easy tips to guide you to the right choice. 1. Don’t buy on price alone Tempting as it may be to go for ads promising bargain prices or head over to the local big box store for the cheapest price, keep in mind that…

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Repair or Replace Windows: How To Know Which Option Is Best

There comes a point with everything, whether it’s a car or a home repair, where you have to choose between working with what you have or starting new. Here are some thoughts on deciding whether to repair or replace windows.

Best Replacement Windows For Your Home: 4 Tips On How To Choose

Just starting to shop for windows? Here are some quick tips to help you choose the best windows for your home, your style, and the way you live.   1.       Function – How do your current windows open and close. Are they easy to reach or do you find yourself straining to open and close…

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Integrity Windows: 5 Benefits of Marvin’s Integrity Brand

You may be new to the idea of fiberglass windows, so here’s a quick primer on the fine points of these high-performers that make vinyl windows as modern as a black and white TV. Discover Integrity windows and doors.   1.       Integrity’s Been In the Works for 100 Years – Integrity windows are made by…

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Surprises to Factor into Home Remodeling Plans

The beginning of the year launches plans for home improvement projects. While you’re still in the early stages anticipating unknowns, here’s a helpful list of five hazardous substances to keep an eye out for from Marvin Windows and Doors’ blog, mLuxe. Find out how lead, mold, dust, asbestos and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) can impact your…

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