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5 Advantages Of Ultrex Fiberglass for Replacement Windows

1. Excellent performance which translates into comfort for you. Ultrex fiberglass and exceptional window engineering prevent air leakage and drafts, keeping your home snug. 2. Ultrex is a superior window material, outperforming vinyl, roll-form aluminum and other window materials in every way. Ultrex is strong as steel, eight times stronger than vinyl, and three-and-a-half times…

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Window Upgrades: How Infinity Windows Can Help You!

Windows are easy to take for granted. After all, they are always there, a part of your house that gets little consideration. However, if you were to stop and make a list of the ways windows affect your life, you may discover that window replacement can help you in a number of ways. Windows can…

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5 Reasons To Choose AVI For Window Replacement Needs

1. An exceptional showroom experience – AVI features largest number of Marvin products on display in the state of Georgia, all presented in settings that resemble Atlanta’s most beautiful homes. No need to use your imagination; you can actually see what your windows and doors will look like. Feel free to open, close and examine…

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Summer Maintenance: What You Need To Know To Keep Up Your Home Windows

While your windows should not require a great deal of maintenance, here are some tips to care for home windows to ensure they stay beautiful, remain intact, and continue opening and closing smoothly. Check to make sure weather stripping is in place and helping form solid contact to keep out air and water. If you…

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The Best Window Types To Keep Your House Cool This Summer

With over 150,000 energy-efficient options, Marvin windows and doors are the high quality, energy efficient window of choice. Because they are made to order, you can dial in just the right combination of these options for the Atlanta climate. Because Marvin is engineered and crafted to high standards, windows such as their Ultimate Casement are…

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Why Marvin Windows And Doors Are Considered High Performance Products

Made with Energy Efficiency in Mind New windows can reduce your monthly energy bills as much as 15 to 25 percent according to the US Department of Energy, so choosing a high performing brand is key. Marvin windows and doors are an industry leader and trusted by some of the world’s finest architects and builders…

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Top 6 Trends For New Home Windows In 2012

Green and Energy Efficient – Whether you’re passionate about our planet or hate high utility bills or both, choosing new home windows with state-of-the-art energy efficiency ensures you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint and your energy bills throughout the seasons. Look for new home windows with insulating glass with argon gas and Low E coatings…

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The Best Kitchen Makeover Solution: Replacement Kitchen Windows

Looking for an interesting way to change the feel of an old, dark kitchen? Let in the light with replacement kitchen windows. A popular new trend is reducing the number of upper cabinets, opening up the floor plan and making the windows an important part of the décor to better connect the outdoors with the…

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Repair or Replace Windows: How To Know Which Option Is Best

There comes a point with everything, whether it’s a car or a home repair, where you have to choose between working with what you have or starting new. Here are some thoughts on deciding whether to repair or replace windows.

Fiberglass Round Top Windows Are Here!

The benefits of fiberglass windows cannot be disputed. With brands like Integrity® from Marvin on the market now for over a decade, this wonder window material has proven to be superior to other materials in every way: minimal if no maintenance or painting required, excellent thermal properties which make them energy efficient, and strong-as-steel construction…

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