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Georgia Power Company Energy Efficiency Tips: Doggone Fun!

GP's energy savings tips: a homeowner's best friend. With the cooler months coming, where can you turn to take the bite of energy bills? Four furry friends from Georgia Power Company. With countless tips on reducing energy waste and making your home more efficient, they’ll truly be your best friend.  Click here to visit the website.

Fiberglass Round Top Windows Are Here!

The benefits of fiberglass windows cannot be disputed. With brands like Integrity® from Marvin on the market now for over a decade, this wonder window material has proven to be superior to other materials in every way: minimal if no maintenance or painting required, excellent thermal properties which make them energy efficient, and strong-as-steel construction…

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Yes, Energy Efficient Windows Lead to Energy Savings

If you’ve ever wished you could get “off the grid” and stop paying utilities, here’s a story for you. This beautiful country home looks like a dream, but even better, it’s a zero-net energy home. Not only have they reduced their energy usage with changes such as replacement windows from Marvin, but the home also generates…

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