When it is Time to Replace Your Home Windows

By: Architectural Visions

From unnecessarily high energy bills to foggy views, there are many reasons to think about new home windows. If any combination of these problems sounds familiar, it’s time for replacement.

Inoperability – The inability to open windows poses a threat to your safety and health. In the event of a fire or a furnace malfunction, it’s vital to be able to open your windows. Windows that will not stay safely open can lead to serious injury.

Signs of Moisture – Water marks and mildew on walls and moldy sills are signs your windows are managing moisture properly. New home windows can be correctly installed to channel water away from inside walls. In addition, double paned insulating glass discourages excessive condensation that gathers on the inside of windows.

Air infiltration – Feeling a chill even when the heat is on or seeing your window treatments move on a very windy day are signs that your windows are not sealing out the temperature extremes. Your windows may be warped or have lost their weather stripping — signs they need repair or possibly replacement

Inability to lock windows – Besides security, windows must lock in order to be energy efficient. A properly engaged lock ensures the sash is sealing out the weather and keeping in the heat or air conditioning.