Fiberglass Round Top Windows Are Here!

By: Architectural Visions

Arched WindowThe benefits of fiberglass windows cannot be disputed. With brands like Integrity® from Marvin on the market now for over a decade, this wonder window material has proven to be superior to other materials in every way: minimal if no maintenance or painting required, excellent thermal properties which make them energy efficient, and strong-as-steel construction that makes them a worthy investment.

But say you’re a bit of a snooty when it comes to style. You prefer leather shoes to manmade, silk over polyester in your shirts, and wood over plastic in your home. You may want to check your preconceptions at the door when you look at Infinity from Marvin replacement windows. These beauties are just that, beautiful. They have the look of a traditional wood window, but guess what, with all those amazing fiberglass benefits, so you can install them, love them, and never wonder if they’ll last or become a maintenance headache – they’re warranted for life! Oh and they’re made specifically to the size of the openings in your home, so you know they’ll keep you comfortable, warm, and dry.

Marvin is a window company that gilds the lily to say the least. Their windows are known just as much for their looks as for their high quality, and now they’ve topped their Infinity fiberglass replacement windows with something special – a ROUND TOP! That’s right, a round top fiberglass window.

For those who don’t own a home with round tops, this may not be big news, but if you bought a home that already includes round tops, you’ve inherited windows you may need to replace, and with round windows, your choices were limited. But now you can get the best of all worlds: beautiful, long lasting, quality, energy efficient round tops. They even offer a few kinds depending on the condition of your windows frames, to help you replace old, deteriorated or rotting windows perfectly. And the process is easy, because Infinity windows include factory-trained, installation backed by a warranty. So what’s to wonder about? Don’t wait for the cold weather – give Infinity a look today.