Best Replacement Windows For Your Home: 4 Tips On How To Choose

By: Architectural Visions

Just starting to shop for windows? Here are some quick tips to help you choose the best windows for your home, your style, and the way you live.


1.       Function – How do your current windows open and close. Are they easy to reach or do you find yourself straining to open and close them. Double hungs, gliders and casement windows open and close differently, and the right choice will make it easier to operate your windows.
2.       Privacy – Do you have a beautiful view or prefer privacy? Consider obscure or textured glass that maintains privacy and lets in the light without the need for window treatments. For beautiful views, consider a venting picture window that lets in the breeze while giving you an unobstructed view.
3.       Architecture and Style – How old is your home? Is it modern, Victorian, Craftsman or colonial? Windows and their detailing make a big statement. Corner windows and large picture windows with clean lines are ideal for the mid-century ranch. Double hung windows with dividers on the panes of glass are perfect for traditional homes. And don’t overlook shutters for add a finished look.
4.       Energy Efficiency – No matter where you live, there is an energy efficient window that’s right for your climate. Advances in technology have lead to Low E coatings. These coatings ensure that your home benefits from solar warmth in the winter when the sun’s rays are lowest, while blocking the heat when the summer sun shine higher in the sky. Depending on your location in the country, your window retailer can recommend the right Low E coating to give you and your family year round comfort without temperature extremes. They’ll also lower your energy bills!