5 Tips For Replacing Kitchen Windows

By: Architectural Visions

Kitchen windows are important part of the functionality and décor of the most used room in the home. They can make the room feel open even with surrounding cabinetry, allow in natural light to brighten work areas, and provide ventilation from steam and cooking odors.

1. Because kitchen windows are often located over counters or hard to reach places, windows such as double hungs which must be lifted, can be hard to open and close. Consider casements which crank open or gliders that can be pushed open side-to-side easily. Better gliders will also have locks that engage automatically when closed, for added convenience.

2. If your view is not great or you want privacy without window treatments in the way, try adding obscure, textured or tinted glass. Your new kitchen window will still provide natural light and ventilation, and have a stylish look.

3. Because kitchens get a lot of use, think about choosing an easy maintenance window. Integrity from Marvin All-Ultrex Series and Infinity from Marvin windows both have with low maintenance Ultrex fiberglass interiors. Ultrex resists rotting, temperature extremes and moisture all without painting.

4. Another great easy maintenance window interior option for a kitchen window is EverWood, available in Infinity Replacement Windows. EverWood looks, paints and stains just like genuine wood but never needs painting and resists moisture like a champ.

5. Because kitchen can have temperature extremes from cooking, keeping the room comfortable is already a challenge without windows that let in too much solar heat. Low e glass can block the sun’s heat in such a way that keeps rooms evenly comfortable.